Tiger Lily the Ginger Cat (tigerbright) wrote in bscf,
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dkap, another BSCF alum who's not on LJ, writes:

Please, pass the below on to any or all once and future members of the BSCF, known or unknown, found, missing, or otherwise in control of the orbital mind-control lasers.

Ok ... so I got bored, and got tired of losing people. Three more this time.

So I grabbed the bscf.us domain.

Now if you want to be able to be found, or at least, have an interesting, short address ... or even find out what's going on today in said club, let me know for the former, and I'll add your address to the list, and as for the later, I wended my way through the twisty passages, all alike, to find that the BSCF page (which is now pointed to by www.bscf.us, and bscf.us) was just about where I remembered it to be. And gaming goes on there, still, every Thursday night.
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