Cynthia Cooper (yunafonfabre) wrote in bscf,
Cynthia Cooper

LARP Evening: A Brief Journey Home and That McGovern Girl

Good evening!

I'm here to announce two one-hour LARP events running in a private Somerville location on the evening of December 17th. We have some open slots we need to fill and are currently looking for players to fill 'em.

If you're interested, please e-mail me at

4/6 roles filled; game can run

They were mass-murderers, fugitives from the security forces on their homeworld, an isolationist human colony called Kelos. They had bribed and thieved their way off planet, leaving bodies in their wake, and the Kelosians were unwilling and unable to leave their planet to pursue.

Enter the Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Association. These brave and ruthless men and women operate just outside the law, doing dirty jobs that no one else has the stomach for and putting their lives on the line for a hefty credit bonus.

The Sky Sharks, a particularly successful hunter team, have managed to apprehend the fugitives in full accordance with the law. Since no one is allowed to land on Kelos, they've arranged to transport them to Barbican, an orbital space station on a mining world on the outskirts of the system. There they'll be handed over to the Kelosian authorities.

5/10 roles filled; game requires 3 more to run

When you work in the skies you live in constant motion ... you can be locked in a warm embrace and lost to sight in the endless blue an hour later. A family of the skies is bound together by love; lose sight of that and everything falls apart.

So, four times a year, Colonel Robert McGovern (ret.) calls together his scattered children from across the country for a family reunion and a meal at Chong's, the best restaurant in town.

It's a time to reconnect, maintain the ties, to ensure that none can slip the binds that hold together the McGovern family.
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